About DAWN

Dawn Action on Women’s Network (DAWN) is a women’s network, which includes women’s groups from various areas. DAWN will be active in Chin state, Delta area and Yangon division.

The network is volunteer-based, and aims to empower women in rural areas. DAWN focuses on issues such as eradicating domestic violence, generating income for women, job creation, the training of young girls through vocational training programmes, promotion of CEDAW, UN Security Resolution UNSCR (1325), Laws for Protection of Women, gender Mainstreaming, Human rights training and involving women in decision-making processes in their respective local and regional areas.

DAWN is a member of Women Organization Network, Gender Equality Network and through this network most contacts and plans are made and the training delivered. The core group of DAWN has a good education and experience of development cooperation work.

 DAWN is an independent network, but during the planned project time, the network plans to take advantage of the close partnership with AYO-SDA to benefit from the office capacity and the target groups.

During the project time, DAWN plans to build it’s own capacity in terms of board members, expertise, staff and infrastructure, with the aim of being able to register as an NGO by the completion of this project.Our Project areas are Tedim,Tonzang and Cikha in Northern Chin State and Kalae Myo in Sagaing Division .



DAWN's Activities